Super Brazil

So I got an invite to the PWC Superfinal after some reasonable comp results in 2016; it is the highest ranked competition of the year.    I have always wanted to go to Brazil so 2 weeks of competition in Governador Valadares in January escaping from the Scottish winter with Jules, Russ, Idris and Guy  was an attractive option.    We flew 10 tasks of between 80 and 110km (3-5 hrs each day) plus two practice days.     The first half had a relatively low base and weak conditions but things turned on nicely for the later tasks with climb rates up to 5m/s and fast racing.  The last 98km task was epic with a bit of everything including 28kph of headwind for the first bit of the task.

On day 6 I forgot to put my glider on the lorry in the morning before we went up the hill.    After grinding up hill in the bus for 45 minutes we arrived at take off on the top of Ibitiruna mountain and I had a sudden sinking feeling.  Fortunately Deo lent me his motorbike for a sprint down the mountain (almost 20 years since I rode one) and back up and I took off just in time for the task.  I wasn't feeling my best throughout the whole comp but persevered and was pleased to finish 33rd overall out of 120.  I still don't feel I have flown well at a PWC event.  There is always next time...

Check out the cool videos below from event videographer Phil Broers.  The action at the 3 minute mark in the second one is about as close as you will ever get to "seeing" a thermal.

So many other places to see in Brazil; I have to go back!

The comp results are here.  And Yassen's brilliant blog and film about the aftermath in Rio shouldn't be missed!

Pic from Philippe Broers

The Superfinal from arvidberg on Vimeo.

World Cup Governador Valadares super 16 task 6 part 2 from Philippe Broers on Vimeo.